Easily find the Fructose levels in thousands of foods

We built Fructika to help everyone living with Fructose Malabsorption or Fructose Intolerance choose which foods are right for them.

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Find your food fast!

Fructika has super smart fuzzy search to help you quickly find the food you're looking for.

Instantly see the Fructose level

You'll see the fructose level instantly, and we'll colour code it if it's high.

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Semir Ahmed Douibi

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Data on thousands of foods

We have data on almost 10,000 foods in our database and we're constantly updating it.

Choose the foods you care about

If you're not interested in a group of foods you can easily turn it off and we won't include it in any of your search results in the future.

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We're compiled data on all types of sugar content including ...